There tend to be 2 ways I work on projects where there’s a ton of learning involved: Total immersion & obsessive tinkering Think it partway through, then walk away and focus my conscious mind on anything else, while my subconscious takes over and gets ideas With the Rube Goldbot project, I’ve been using both of those strategies. Hodor, the brawn, was mostly the first strategy. Constant tinkering with electronic components and the Arduino etc., and I have him more or less working (or at least have proven that I’m on the right track with getting him working). Uatu (the eyes) and Grace (the brain) areRead More →

My World of Warcraft playing robot needs a brain. I described the eyes already¬†so now I need to figure out what the brain that decides what to do about what it sees will look like. The brain is going to be the most conceptually complex part – it actually has to make a ton of decisions, might have to keep state, and will have to handle a wide variety of circumstances. As such, it’s also the one I currently understand the least and, at least for now, is going to be the one described in the vaguest of terms and probably the last thing IRead More →