Any project needs a roadmap. For my SignalR MUDĀ I’m going to try and embrace the concept of incremental and frequent releases once I get to writing code. Each step should yield a functional end result that adds functionality and moves the project forward. There will be a couple of phases. Creation of the basic framework Making the UI for players not suck Creating a design interface to allow non-programmatic extension of the game by creating areas, creatures, items, etc. Creating an admin interface to allow modification of accounts/existing users etc. A rough outline of the steps involved in phase 1: A simple SignalR chat applicationRead More →

It’s been several months since I did any substantial work on either Rube Goldbot or any of the home automation stuff, thanks largely to changing jobs and having zero energy for projects while I got myself acclimated and settled in. I’ll definitely go back to those projects at some point in the future, but right now I’m going to center the projects I work on around getting more familiar with some of the new tech I work with at work. No better way to learn! Two of the technoligies we’re using now are SignalR, NServiceBus and RabbitMQ. I’ve worked with similar tech before, though neverRead More →