I’ve got a “working” (albeit rickety) Arduino + PIR Motion sensor thing going on. Aw yeah! It’s an Arduino Uno, so no wifi yet, but I might cheat and use an Arduino 101 to do the next step, that is having it communicate to a RESTful web service that will do stuff based on what the sensor picks up. Eventually I’ll dump all this onto an Arduino Pro Mini with an esp8266 so there’s not a ton unnecessary hardware. Also still need to reliably detect ambient light levels with a photoresistor or something but that shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve been monkeying around with theRead More →

Distraction is something that comes fairly easy to me. No matter how interesting whatever I’m working on might be, I’ll always be able to find distractions from it. This is my way of saying that Rube Goldbot is still in progress, just not the primary thing I’m working on. One thing that’s been distracting me is learning some more fundamentals: I’ve started playing around with more basic electronics stuff, and am in the process of upping my game there. Rube is a very complex project (and will ultimately be a fairly expensive one) so I’d like to build it correctly. Another thing that’s been distracting meRead More →