Phat loot!

Phat loot!

For my Rube Goldbot project I need a bunch of hardware. Rube’s eyes (Uatu) and body (Hodor) are going to be controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Arduino, respectively, and will use a bunch of other parts as well, but the core will be those microcontrollers or whatever they’re called.

I had an Arduino Uno kit laying around that I’d never used – I got it a couple of years ago on an impulse buy because it was 50% off. I also hit up Amazon for a Raspberry Pi kit, some MOSFET transistors (not entirely sure what those do yet) and other parts. Finally, when I was out running some errands, I stopped by Microcenter and picked up a camera for the Pi (and got it for $5 off the sticker price, bonus!) as well as a couple of Pi Zeros, which I think are basically Pis just smaller and with no other stuff? Not sure what I’ll do with those, but they were $5 (oops, there goes the money I saved on the camera), so why not? 

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