So I have my ambitious WoW paying robot planned out – it’s going to have a brain, eyes and a body to let it work its magic and use all kinds of awesome technology to do it. There’s just one teensy, tiny problem: I have no Earthly idea how any of the tech I want to use to do this works. I mean, I have some idea – I know how to write software, and at least a little bit of an idea how everything will need to be linked together to function, but I don’t know how to actually, you know, make those pieces workRead More →

So far there’s a rough idea of the eyes and brain for Rube Goldbot but now we need something that can carry out the actions that the brain thinks should be taken. This is the doer – it DOES stuff. In this case, it’ll send keystrokes, mouse movement and button clicks to the computer running the WoW client. The doer doesn’t need to make any decisions. All it needs to do is execute what it is told. If the brain says “press shift+1” the doer presses shift+1. It doesn’t need state, it doesn’t need anything but instructions and the ability to carry them out. There are a lot ofRead More →

My World of Warcraft playing robot needs a brain. I described the eyes already so now I need to figure out what the brain that decides what to do about what it sees will look like. The brain is going to be the most conceptually complex part – it actually has to make a ton of decisions, might have to keep state, and will have to handle a wide variety of circumstances. As such, it’s also the one I currently understand the least and, at least for now, is going to be the one described in the vaguest of terms and probably the last thing IRead More →

I very highly doubt anyone but spambots and SEO “experts” will read this, but just in case an actual human (or creature with at least human-level intellect) gets here: Welcome. Like most people who do anything tech related, I frequently get some ideas for goofy little projects and tools that may or may not be useful, are often at least fun to think about, and should at least be challenging to make/let me play with a new technology. This blog is pretty much going to be about that. I don’t really know a hell of a lot about most of the things I’m going toRead More →